The following videos will give you an overview of the Vision and Heart of the sports movement.

The Vision of the sports movement

Making disciples in all nations for Christ in the world of sport and play.

The Heart of the sports movement

What we do

  • Proclaim the Gospel
  • Make disciples
  • Obey the Bible

Where we serve

  • In and through the Church
  • In sport and play
  • In every city and every community

How we do it

  • As servants
  • In teams
  • By partnering

The Way We Serve Together

The sport movement has developed a practical and helpful way to serve together as applied from the Bible. It is about being a selfless, servant leader and willing to serve in a team, in the model that Jesus showed.

It can summarized in 7 ways:

  1. Leadership: Leadership is more about serving, less about titles and position.
  2. Partnering: Partnering is more about serving together, less about one person or one group.
  3. Open source: Open source is about creating tools together and sharing them generously. All materials are shared by the movement and not owned by any organization.
  4. Online security: Online security protects others by protecting their sensitive information.
  5. Relationships: Relationships need to be strong. Trust needs to be nurtured.
  6. Kingdom ways: The ways of Jesus’ Kingdom are often surprising and often different to the ways of the world.
  7. Virtues: We encourage diversity, passion, empowerment of others, holiness, integrity, good stewardship, creativity, humility and interdependence.

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