ReadySetGO Multiplication Kit

The 2019 edition of the ReadySetGO Multiplication Kit contains the essential resources of the sports movement. It is available in many languages. Please download and familiarize yourself with it.

The training content in this book and the PowerPoints (downloadable on the website) will help you envision your community, train the hearts and skills of those who want to reach out through sport, play, health and fitness. Following that, you can sample strategies to reach your community and go deeper in specific training for the strategies that will suit your context.

Ready contains vision videos and support media. Set contains Heart and Skill training videos and PowerPoint Presentations. GO contains strategies that have videos and PowerPoints of the strategies being used or trained.

Some languages are not fully translated, so they are in the component called "Partial".

There are very large (MB) files of some languages that have been produced for Printing. These are in the component called "Printable Books- Large Files". Some regions have produced a version to use on smartphones.

The ReadySetGO Multiplication Kit has been designed primarily for trainers. It has been laid out in a "buffet" approach (as opposed to a "set meal" approach) where the trainer with discretion selects the appropriate 90 minute sessions to meet the participants' learning outcomes within the available time.

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